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International Student Exchange Mobility (ISEM) – Outbound


UniKL offers the International Exchange Programme to expose students to the best of international community, cultures, and practices beyond their boundaries while placed at a chosen partner (Host) university for up to 12 months.

ISEM may be performed in the following modes:

  • Short-term mobility programme, with a minimum duration of 1 week, which is defined as 5 activities days and a maximum duration of 3 months (90 days).
  • Full-Semester mobility program, with a minimum duration of 3 months (short semester) and a maximum of 2 full semesters, consecutively.

You can apply to participate in the program for an enriching experience on both personal and professional point of view.



Full semester outbound mobility is open for student studying Bachelor program and have completed two semesters at UniKL MIDI with CGPA 2.0 and above.

Financial Assistance

  1. MARA (Students who obtained CGPA 3.75 and above are qualified to apply for funding from MARA, subjected to approval)
  2. Erasmus Mundus
  3. Erasmus+
  4. Partner university funding Fee waiver & accommodation


CSR at Cambodia gives me a new set life experience. I managed to expand my general knowledge and sense by mixing with the Cambodian citizens. During the CSR programme, I developed my self-esteem, confidence level and communications skill. Even though there were a massive language and communication barrier due to lack of English language exposure, I still can communicate with them by the help from the tour guide there. In the same time, I learn so much about their history, understand their lifestyle system and their foods. Observing their country made me realize to be more grateful for what I have. Also, by participating in this CSR made me a lot of a better person from before. – Ameer Aiman Bin Misron | CSR & Educational Visit to Cambodia

This program gives me a lot of new valuable experience. Meeting new people from different countries allows me to broaden my perspective. Through this program, we learn about other people’s cultures and beliefs. This allows us to have more understanding regarding foreign cultures and strengthening international relationships. I highly encourage other students to apply for this kind of program. – Fatimatuzzahra’ Assaedah binti Md Zan | Asean Youth Camp 2020 Thailand

How to Apply
Please contact : 

Teh Zureena Kalsom Ahmad Zabidi
International Partnership Coordinator
Malaysia Italy Design Institute